From the guarded vaults deep below the Oom Palace comes another bit of forgotten pipe history: The Fox light.
Common knowledge among pipe smokers is something called the "charring light" followed by the "true light." Even in smoking competitions, 2 lights are allowed, the first for the initial light that curls the tobacco but often does not catch. Then comes a tamp and the real light which should carry the bowl for sometime, if tended properly. Some call the initial light that curls the top tobacco the "false light." This is truly a mistake from the earlier "fox light" which was indeed in it's inception, the "Fawkes light." In 1605, Guy Fawkes was caught as the instrumental fellow who nearly carried out "The Gunpowder Plot" a scheme to overthrow the Protestant ruled government (of England) by way of igniting gun powder in hopes of destroying the parliament building. Fawkes was caught guarding the gunpowder and so was never able to get the flame going, not unlike the initial "charring light" or "Fawkes light" coined by those British pipe smokers of the time.
While somewhat off topic, it is also good to note that Guy Fawkes had a number of items and ideas named after him, presumably by other Catholics who felt akin to his struggle. "Crazy like a Fawkes" as well as "Guayabera" which comes from the earlier, "Guy de Peril" which was a type of shirt known to be worn by Catholic rebels who supported Fawkes' ideals.

—Olie Sylvester 
Baron, International Oom Paul Society of Non-Typicals

AuthorOlie Sylvester