Please note: We are no longer accepting new members at this time. The following requirements must be made in order for you to be considered for this most secretive yet world renowned group of men and women of possibly not a high order as much as a unique one. You must have at one point in your lifetime smoked an Oompaul shaped pipe, and you must have enjoyed said experience. You must be old enough to do so as well as old enough to legally captain a transport animal over rough terrain when transport animal is six hands or more.

You must consider yourself eccentric and have noticed that others consider you to be so. If all of these things are right and square, please submit a photo of you sporting an Oompaul shaped pipe, wearing some sort of tie (for the men) or dressings considered to be firmly established in the fancy category at least in your mind (for the women).

Additional points given in no specific game in reality for those who happen to be tattooed, enjoy snuff and can clear a bar by word or might should the need arise. Please send an inquiry to me. Upon entrance a title will be bestowed upon you. Bestowings are at times delicate, at times not. Yours in all things related to the fine art of pipe smoking, Baron Olie