- Dry tobacco spell: Since the time I was very young, I remember hearing the dry tobacco spell being said by many a pipesmoker just before opening their tin..."Dry, dry, leave my tin, take the next one coming in." This spell would supposedly take keep your tobacco from being to dry upon opening, but presumably cause the next poor fellows tin to go dry immediately. Fact! We've conducted many tests both within and outside the laboratory and this little chant seems to work nearly every time.

- If you drop your tamper, put it on the back of the hand, make a wish and throw it over your shoulder. If it sticks into or knocks unconscious any person, your wish will be granted. Fact! For safety sake, especially at pipe clubs and shows, I had hoped this particular old tale to be false, however, after countless observations, the only conclusion to be made is that this bit of wisdom is indeed true.

- If you count the number of pipes you've bought during a pipe show while still at that show, you will have bad luck for 3 days and find no more good deals. Fiction! Count all you want while at the show, so long as there's not a pipe on the bed you slept in the night before whilst you do the counting.


AuthorOlie Sylvester