Monstrosity pipes are the creation of Olie P. Sylvester III,Proprietor of OomPaul.com and Baron of The International Oom Paul Society of Non-Typicals. As a mixed media non-objective abstract artist, Olie decided to venture into the wilderness one fateful evening, looking for alternative means to support his pipe podcast while at the same time, fulfilling the daily desire, nay need, to make new art. The night was dark even though it was early. This was either an ominous sign, or an effect of daylight savings. Olie found many possibilities on his journey, but none as bizarre as the one he stumbled upon just before the Baroness called him back to the Oom Palace for supper.

It was a mangy little idea that he had tripped over. In comparison to all the other ideas he had seen that night, this one looked to be a stray of some sort, disheveled and homely. This idea was weak and sorrowful, and in need of care. It was the decided underdog in comparison to all the others. Gently and carefully, Olie bent down and noticed this poor little idea was wearing a collar. On the worn little threadbare collar was a rusted metal tag. The word was barely legible, but there it was, "Monstrosity."

A smile crawled across Olie's face, a decision was made. No matter how lame this little idea seemed, Olie would care for it and nourish it within the confines of the Oom Palace. Being no stranger to bizarre ideas being brought into their home, the Baroness looked puzzled only briefly when she first met the little shivering idea. Within moments, her heart warmed to the thought of adopting yet another idea outcast from the cold harsh world.

As the little Monstrosity idea grew, a few things were noticeable. It was not one of those purebred ideas, it was a wonderful mutt for sure. It was quickly established that it would never run in step with the ideas that commanded top dollar, but instead, would be a lovable ugly mutt whose cold nose and various problems would be hard to ignore.

All hands within the Oom Palace have a task, and the task for the little idea called Monstrosity would be to find and retrieve contributions for the podcast project which lay dormant in the outer world. Having no signs of being a retriever of any sort, it remains to be seen whether this crooked little fellow will be able to rise to such a great task, especially given it's pedigree. However, if there is one thing that thrives within the walls of the Oom Palace, it is possibility.