The Radice family podcast is here!

Check out the pics below as you listen to the Radice podcast. You can listen to this podcast either directly on this site by clicking the link above, or in itunes. If possible, please subscribe to the podcast in iTunes (read "Important" message below for more info and links.) My wife Venessa and I were fortunate enough to take a trip to Italy in late April this year (2009.) While there, we took a train to Milan where none other than Luca (of fame) picked us up to take us to the Radice workshop. We sat down and had a chat with Father Luigi and sons Gianluca and Marzio. Luca was very gracious to be our interpreter for the day. After the interview the Radice's took us out to lunch at a wonderful spot. The pipes I saw while there were beyond words. It was really incredible to sit across the table from these great pipemakers. The hospitality while there was second to none. They were incredible hosts and a sheer delight to be with. Being able to walk slowly through the workshop and examine every square inch was such a treat. My Radice pipes mean even more to me now that I was able to get to know this wonderful family. I hope you feel the same after listening to this podcast. If you have yet to own a Radice pipe, there is no time like the present. Drop me a line about the Radice pipe you're getting next! I hope you enjoy the podcast!

GianlucaLuigi with 3 bowl pipe
Luca, Marzio and Olie

Luigi sketching






Marziosmoking nose pipeOlie art at Radice workshop

Venessa portraits of the Radice family








A Radice collection



 Amazing massive pipe






Incredible creations



unique drafting












Radice Podcast

AuthorOlie Sylvester