I root for the underdog. If I'm going to get a dog, I'm going to find a needy one more than not. The Zombie series takes pipes that were at one time, good pipes that went horribly wrong. You name it, from cracked shanks to bad drillings to various pits and blemishes, these pieces became cast outs that no one wanted to touch. These untouchables found their way to me. Lucky them.

I have reworked each of them to be solid smokers with typical Monstrosity looks. They carry the same lifetime guarantee as all other Monstrosity pipes. This covers any kinds of breaks, cracks, burnout, etc. I have taken these sad pieces destined for the trash heap and reworked them, reanimated them! They now (not unlike a Zombie) live again. Each is stamped with the Monstrosity "M" and numbered (unless clay.)

Purchase a Zombie and love every undead moment.

AuthorOlie Sylvester