Deep from within the Oom Palace comes a bit of pipe finish history...
Some time back, a very eccentric pipe carver used to deliver his pipes by putting them into an envelope, sealing it, then pushing them from the floor of his workshop (using a broom) to the home of the patron. Depending on the length of the trip and condition of the mostly dirt roads, the pipe would end up with a different relief than when it began it's journey due to rocks, roots and other debris it would encounter.
Patrons began to request delivery only during dry days as this afforded a more noticeable change to the exterior of the pipe. This pipe carver, Mr. Shun, was known to do rather unique works and became known for his envelope roughing technique. When others in the community wanted another artisan to do something unique with their commissioned work, the were asked to "push the envelope" which meant, do something unique and out of the ordinary or beyond the norm like Mr. Shun. Russ Kaleb Shun became so well known for his unique pipe finishes, that his name lives on in pipes that have a Rusty K. Shun finish or rustication. 


AuthorOlie Sylvester