Many of you know all about Reindeer Gall Bladder pipes, however, it has come to my attention that there are a few out there who have not heard of them. Many years ago, the Great North American Reindeer (Rangifer tarandus mysticalius pfeifus) was spread across North America much like a blanket. A furry blanket made of really large deer. Their numbers were so many, that we began using them for all sorts of interesting things. One of the most inventive ideas was the Reindeer Gall Bladder pipe.
Because the Great North American Reindeer ate a unique variety of plants and animals (pine straw, alligator, fescue, acorns, buzzards and Florida lemur) their internal organs, over time, became very different from other deer. Possibly the most unique internal organ we've ever seen is this deer's gall bladder. Once harvested, it looked and felt much like the underground bulbous portion of the Heath tree that we (in the pipe world) call briar. As a matter of fact, it looked and felt so much like a chunk of briar, that only expert pipe makers could tell the difference between them.
The question was obvious, how does it smoke? The answer soon came. Very well. Some of the best carvers of the day would put on gall bladder demonstrations wherein they would remove the gall bladder from a live deer, patch it back up, and make a pipe in under ten minutes. Since the deer didn't need the gall bladder, it often stared at the pipe maker with a glassy eyed stunned look during the demo, and then would amble away hungry, often running in search of it's favored snack: alligator. Note: See Reindeer Gall Bladder pipe in Monstrosity line up.
AuthorOlie Sylvester