Many of you know the old story of the five brothers Grim so I will only summarize prior to moving on. There were five, they were hideous and lived in the South Eastern United States many years ago. Two of them were twins, all were born amidst terrible difficulty (floods, tornadoes, cross fire hurricanes and what not.)
Each of the brothers were more than difficult to look at and each lived under various small bridges near DeLeon Springs Florida. They ate alligator, possum and mullet. But that was for dessert. They truly loved chewing on the bones of folks who hated tobacco.
Upon the death of each brother, many area churches sainted them, which is very strange as most of these churches were Baptist. These brothers have been memorialized in pipes with the latest group of Monstrosity pipes. A little about the pipes now...
There were five in all, each one a beast. Grudge and Grim, some would say, were twins of a sort. Both squat and difficult to look at. Grotesque reminded one of a knobby beef heart with seemingly out of place straight grain. Ghast was the lightest of the brothers with a strange paleness that was at once, inexplainable and disturbing. Gruesome, the tallest of all the brothers, was certainly the eldest if there were an eldest. Something dark and sinister about this leader was evident from the start.
AuthorOlie Sylvester