Quite recently, I had a run in with a Macrochelys Temmincki, also known as the Alligator Snapping Turtle. I was in the lovely swamps of central Florida viewing the local fowl and fauna as I tend to do from time to time, when, without notice, an enormous Alligator Snapper attempted to remove my left leg from my body. If you don't know this animal, they grow very slowly and can live a very long time. They love to eat meat and don't really care what kind. Their jaws have amazing power and if it weren't for my kevlar coated wellies, I'm quite sure the ol' left stander would be in the hardback's belly this moment.

The reason I bring this yarn up is this...I was in the middle of lighting my J.Rinaldi pipe with green cumberland stem, chock full of my favorite english blend (Pease's Blackpoint if you haven't been paying attention) when this fellow grabbed my attention, and left leg. What does one do? Thankfully I was using Swan brand wooden matches and was well into my second light, after the faux or Fawkes light (see Musing for Fawkes light,) when the stir arose.

Knowing a thing or two about many various types of fauna of the area (after all I spent a great deal of time in the DeLand Florida area) I simply finished my light as casually as I could, bent low, and then blew a bit of smoke from the extinguished match directly into the the snout of the ol' scoundrel. Sooner rather than later, the scaled beast released his formidable grip and returned back into the Florida bog. Some of you may think, "Ha! Life and limb comes before lighting my pipe!" Friend, obviously you were not lighting a J.Rinaldi pipe with Blackpoint!

I offer this tale to you as an additional reason to use wooden matches to light your wonderful tobaccos in those glorious pipes of yours, but more importantly, to demonstrate what my J.Rinaldi pipe means to me.

—Olie Sylvester
Baron, International Oom Paul Society of Non-Typicals


AuthorOlie Sylvester