Can you break the spell of sentimentality? It's is a strong spell to be sure and one that I've found to be unmoving where pipes are concerned. A pipe bought is a fine thing. A pipe given to you is bundled with some otherness that elevates it's status and makes it something more. There are ingredients though, and as with any recipe, the varying amounts makes for stronger or weaker sentimentality. Thought and timing and other more subtle bits of things we can not touch combine and become infused in the gift as it manifests itself until the point it is given. The pipe may not be anything you would have ever even considered previously, but somehow, you see it now in a new and different light. I thoroughly enjoy the small collection I have. Just looking over each of them from time to time gives me a real sense of pleasure. But those within the group enchanted by the spell of sentimentality truly hold a very special place in my heart. 

—Olie Sylvester 
Baron, International Oom Paul Society of Non-Typicals 
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AuthorOlie Sylvester