From the heavily guarded vaults beneath the Oom Palace comes another gem of pipe history, the Lamentation Artist. Many of you may still employ the work of a Lamentation Artist from time to time, but for those of you who have never heard of the task, allow me to explain. The art of professional lamentation of pipes was widespread in the late 1800s in America. There were so few good repair persons, that when a pipe was broken or out of commission in any way, the owner of said pipe would hire a Lamentation Artist to perform a small musical ceremony lamenting it's passing. An illustration of such I've provided for you. You will notice the broken pipe on the floor near the violinist. While there are few Lamentation Artists still available, they do exist and will travel to your place of residence for the time honored ceremony that barely still exists. The few Lamentation Artists that I know personally are currently overbooked for the year of 2009, and so have asked that I not provide mention to their services at this time.


AuthorOlie Sylvester