- The infrequent sightings of gnomes is directly correlated to surge of gnome liver pipes, which were highly sought after in the past. Fiction! This is one more instance of parties attempting to pin something on the fine pipe smoker. The infrequent sightings has much more to do with other things which I can not recall at the moment.

- The old adage "November is ripe for gnome liver pipe." points to the month when gnome livers were best for "harvesting." Fact! Gnomes practically created Octoberfest. During the month of October, they put an amazing amount of alcohol through their system. During the month of November, the gnome liver is working overtime making it the perfect time to fashion into a pipe for a number of reasons. Due to the weak stomachs of some folks, we won't get into the specifics here, but rest assured that many a wife knew they would be minus a husband during the November gnome season.

AuthorOlie Sylvester